Downtown Kingston! | Staff


Marijo Cuerrier

Executive Director

  • Build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders and partners
  • Voice of Downtown Kingston! BIA
  • Community builder
Marijo hails from Belleville, Ontario, where she has been the Executive Director of the Downtown District BIA for the past two years. Marijo brings with her 20 years of destination marketing experience and for the past number of years has focused on digital communication.
She is passionate about micro-urban living, particularly in historic downtowns. She is a bit of a geek, loves a good brand and drops everything for a cuddle with a dog - or any mammal really.
In her time with the Belleville BIA, Marijo spearheaded the development of an online Marketplace as well as a pilot program called Welcoming Streets that helped to build bridges between street-involved individuals and the business community. She was also an integral part of a total overhaul of the brand, reputation and direction of the organization.

Michèle Langlois

Chief Operations Officer

  • HR
  • Finances
  • Public Relations

A proud Kingstonian, Michèle has worked with the Downtown Kingston! BIA for over 26 years.  The past years have seen many changes in the downtown and Michèle has been pleased and proud to have been involved in so many events and projects – from starting a signature Blues Festival to being a part of the renovations to Market Square and the building of the Leon’s Centre.  Michèle’s passion is downtown and the downtown business community. 

Michèle lives in Kingston with her husband and 3 sons. The grocery bills are extremely high – but it is nice to have them home during these times!  Her parents and her 3 siblings all live in Kingston as well – so, definitely is spoiled in that regard! 

Jan MacDonald

Chief Experience Officer

  • Events and programs to attract visitors to downtown Kingston
  • Sponsorship/grant solicitation
  • Volunteer recruitment and management

Jan began work at Downtown Kingston! in the fall of 2004 as the organizer of the first Nighttime Santa Parade.  A six-week contract turned into a few months as work began on the first Feb Fest and she has never left. Her responsibilities at DK! include Artistic Director of both Kingston Buskers Rendezvous and Limestone City Blues Festival as well as leading many other events and programs including the annual holiday pewter collection and local food Chef Demos.  Her work with the blues community has led to exciting opportunities as both a judge for the blues category of the Juno Awards and as a member of the selection panel for the Maple Blues Awards.  


Rob Tamblyn

Director of Economic Development

  • Business Growth
  • Business recruitment & retention
  • Member Services

Rob has been part of the Downtown Kingston! team since 2002.  During his tenue at the BIA, he has been fortunate to be involved in many of the major projects that have helped to shape Kingston’s downtown core, including the revitalization of Springer Market Square, the construction of the Leon’s Centre, and the multi-year underground infrastructure and streetscape project known as The Big Dig.  Rob’s role is to maximize economic development opportunities by encouraging, supporting and initiating activities that are beneficial to downtown businesses and property owners.  He manages all files and programs in the BIA’s portfolio that are related to economic development, the DK! membership, and clean & safe activities.  Rob is a life-long area resident, and is extremely proud of Kingston’s downtown – one of the best in Canada!

Marilyn Doherty

Event and Communication Specialist

  • Events and programs to attract visitors to downtown Kingston
  • Advertising purchases
  • Visitor focused Communication

Hi, my name is Marilyn. You might have seen me with my big yellow coat and red wagon walking around downtown. There is a reason for that...I am the Event and Communication Specialist here at Downtown Kingston! As a Kingstonian born and raised, DK! events have been a big part of my life. When I was given the opportunity to become a part of those events myself, I jumped on. I started my downtown career in the fall of 2019 with help from a placement I did with Leon’s Centre. I look forward to the future of downtown and all the amazing things to come. Next time you see me, don't forget to say Hi!

Kelsey Harrison

Digital Communications Specialist

  • Tactical Communications strategies
  • Website(s), databases, analytics, and content creation
  • Member focused Communication

My name is Kelsey and I am the digital communications specialist here at DK! I am originally from downtown Toronto but fell in love with Kingston while studying film and media at university. I love social media and creating engaging content because it allows me to be creative and connect with people. When I’m not at work, you can find me on the trails with my puppy, Sobi!  If you see me Downtown, please say hi! I would love to meet you. 

Sandi Knight-Griffiths

Office Administrator

I've enjoyed a warm welcome from BIA staff and the members I've met in recent weeks. I'm looking forward to meeting more of you as time goes on, perhaps even sans mask? A girl can dream! When I'm not settling into my new role at the office, I'm spending time with my husband and my two kiddos, whom I maintain are the funniest humans alive, and I'm extra grateful for the laughs this past year!