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Residential Intensification

Residential Intensification - High Rise Buildings

One of the priorities of the Downtown Kingston! Board of Management is to “Support, promote and advocate for residential intensification downtown”.  The reasons for this are many:

  • Residential intensification maximizes benefits re: economics, environmental, social, health and wellness etc.  A high-rise location must be in a full-service commercial district, on a major transit line, in/near a major employment zone, with a high “walkability score”. Downtown is that location.
  • Many of the “Desired Outcomes” recently identified by the Board of Management would be achieved with residential intensification in the downtown, including: increasing foot traffic and expenditures, increased event attendance and advance us to a four-season destination.
  • Downtown Kingston has the highest walkability scores in the city. We could not be closer to restaurants, pubs, services, grocery stores, and a variety of other desirable amenities.
  • A densified community encourages more walking, cycling and transit use and high-rise buildings consume less energy, use less eater and produce less waste than single family homes.
  • More downtown residents will be able to take advantage of the many cultural amenities we have invested in; Market Square, Artillery Park, The Grand Theatre, The Leon’s Centre etc.
  • Our multi-year redevelopment of the underground infrastructure of the downtown, known as the Big Dig, means we already have the capacity in our sewer, water and electrical system to accommodate high rise buildings
  • Kington has the lowest vacancy rate in the province. Increasing the overall housing supply will take the pressure off of the overwhelming demand.
  • Kingston already mixes heritage buildings with modern structures very well.

Residential intensification in high rise buildings will be a key part of the solution to ensure continued vitality, resilience and sustainability of Kingston’s downtown for years to come.

See the Density by Design page to learn more about the Residential Intensification project on the city's website.

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