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2021 Interim Tax Levy

On Tuesday, January 19th, the City of Kingston - Municipal Government council will will vote on a motion that would provide some temporary property tax relief for small business owners. If approved as recommended, the property tax pre-authorized payment program will be extended to allow for the deferral of up to two installments to November and December 2021.

Additionally, a by-law will be presented to Council to provide for the levying and collecting of 2021 interim property taxes, including the following provisions:

  • the 2021 interim tax bill be no greater than 50% of the 2020 taxes levied;

  • the rates be as specified in Schedule A to the by-law attached hereto; (see link)

  • the due date for interim taxes be March 31, 2021;

  • various payment options be provided;

  • late payment charges be added to taxes that are in default;

  • the property tax pre-authorized payment program be extended to allow for the deferral of up to two installments; and

  • the implementation of an application based COVID-19 Hardship Deferral Program - 2021 Interim Property Tax Billing for small business property owners.

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