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A framework of initiatives as we transition into GREEN Level.

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Downtown Kingston! Facebook Group

We have created a Facebook group as a hub for the businesses within the Downtown Kingston! BIA, once you land on the page, simply enter your business name, and we will get you authorized as long as you are a member of the BIA

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If you are a downtown business that has made changes to your business operations as a result of Covid19, please email us at and tell us what you are doing so we can update our website. 

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Screening Tools

UPDATE: New version of COVID-19 Screening Tool for Businesses and Organizations (Screening Workers) - VERSION 3 
For details on what that means, please read below and see:
Types of screening
Screening involves an assessment of information about symptoms and interactions that may result in higher risks of transmitting COVID-19.
Based on the result of the assessment, a decision is made about whether a person should be excluded from the workplace until they are further assessed and/or symptoms resolve.
There are two different types of screening:
  • passive screening: people assess their own risk factors and make the decision themselves
  • active screening: the results of the screening assessment are reviewed to determine whether a person may enter the workplace
Screen actively
  • Employers must actively screen every worker before they enter the workplace at the start of their shift as described in the instructions issued by the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health.
  • Active screening may be done in person at the workplace or remotely using the telephone, internet (online), email submission or an app prior to entry.
  • Actively screen each person entering the workplace for work purposes, including workers, volunteers, suppliers and contractors.
  • Screening should occur before or when the person arrives at the workplace at the beginning of their shift or visit.
  • Use the COVID-19 screening tool for workplaces or ensure that your screening process includes all the questions from the screening tool.
A screener (or automated system) should advise anyone who does not pass the screening:
  • that they may not enter the workplace, including any outdoor, or partially outdoor, workplaces
  • to go home to self-isolate immediately
  • to contact their health care provider or Telehealth Ontario (1-866-797-0000) to find out if they need a COVID-19 test and for further instructions
Make sure any screeners receive information and instruction on how to perform this work safely and what to do if a person must be excluded from the workplace.
You can also:
  • screen visitors and clients by phone or through an app before they arrive for their appointment
  • consider actively monitoring workers for symptoms more than once during their shift
Use signage
  • Post clear signage at all entrances with the screening questions and instructions.
  • If active screening of non-workers entering the workplace is not possible (for example, public transit, grocery stores), post signage instructing people with symptoms not to enter.
Encourage workers to self-monitor
  • Encourage workers to monitor their own symptoms at all times.
  • Ensure workers know where to find the online COVID-19 self-assessment tool.
  • Ask workers to use the tool at home if they have any symptoms and to follow the instructions.
  • Ensure workers know who their workplace contact is and how to get in touch with them in case the self-assessment, public health or their health care provider suggests they self-isolate, or if they start to experience symptoms at work.


Link to download PRINTABLE COVID-19 Screening Tool for Businesses and Organizations (SCREENING PATRONS):

Under the "GREEN Prevent Level", passive screening is required for both Retail and Restaurants. "New for Green-Prevent as of February 2021:
Stores (and retail) must have passive screening for patrons (for example, posting signs outside the storefront about not entering if you have COVID-19."


Link to download PRINTABLE/ EDITABLE document to develop COVID-19 workplace safety plan:


Reopening Guidelines for KFL&A Businesses



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Honk Poster

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#KingstonTogether Posters

 In these difficult and unclear times, it is important that we work together and build each other up. We created these posters as a simple reminder that as a community, Kingston is stronger together.

Feel free to select and print those that resonate with you, your household and your business. We hope that these reminders can bring the YGK community strength and positivity.

Ready to print posters available below:

Courage Colour and Courge B+W

Strength Colour and Strength B+W

Hope Colour and Hope B+W

Persistence Colour and Persistence B+W

Rise Colour and Rise B+W

Empower Colour and Empower B+W

Strong Colour and Strong B+W

Overcome Colour and Overcome B+W

Positive Colour and Positive B+W

Community Colour and Community B+W

Unity Colour and Unity B+W