Buskers Rendezvous


The Acrobat Guy


The Acrobat Guy

From acrobatics to juggling and even magic, Joey Albert is a jack of all trades.  He has spent years perfecting his skills to perform only the best.  Whether ​it's juggling 5 balls or flipping over 5 people, Joey does it all.  With over 10 years of performing experience he's sure to make you laugh and leave you stunned and amazed.  (Ottawa)






Bandaid the Clown

His ambulance is ready to go, and he's set to write up a wacky, off-the-wall diagnosis! A Readers' Digest Everyday Canadian Hero, he's a veteran at the Rendezvous! Ready for a smile and a barrel of laughs? Well, ready or not, here he comes! (Burford)








This Ottawa resident has been performing the art of sidewalk chalk for over 15 years.  He has busked his way through France, Spain and Australia meticulously reproducing classical pictures to such an amazing quality you’d swear you were looking at the Mona Lisa herself!  (Ottawa)







Chantal & Kieran


Welcome 14 year-old Chantal and 13 year-old Keiran back as they sing and play their way into your hearts. (Kingston!)







Circus Firemen

Did someone pull the alarm?  Welcome back 2011 Peoples’ Choice winners, Matilda and Angus. They’re here to save the day!  Watch as these two firemen perform amazing feats of acrobatics, fire juggling (of course!) and precarious ladder balancing.  (Australia)





Amy Collyer-Holmes

Come by and enjoy the musical stylings of this local cellist performing assorted works for solo cello. Amy has made Kingston her home over the past three years as she studies music at Queen's. You can also see her this summer as musical director for Blue Canoe Productions A Chorus Line as part of the inaugural Kick and Push Festival.







DJ the Face Painter

Transforming arms, legs, ankles and even bald heads into creative art! Not just for the kids, but the grown-up kids too! (Napanee)







David Eliot Magic


David Eliot provides his audience with an exciting and energetic magic show, filled with mind blowing illusions and fun filled audience participation. (Kingston!)







Doodles Face & Body Art

Cheryl and her team are sure to astound you with their unbelievable talents – watch as they transform your face into a beautiful butterfly or ferocious lion that will be so realistic people will have to look twice! (Petawawa, Kingston)







Dream State Circus


Sophie and Jacob are here to prove that nothing is impossible as they do it all:  acrobalance, juggling, comedy, balloon “twistology” and lots and lots of fun!  True performers in every aspect they’re a ‘can’t miss’ act this summer – and watch out for that fire show!  (UK/Australia)







Ernest the Magnifico


The “Big Great Stunt Show” is an experience!  This show involves a wannabe stunt man, a loud racecar, an oversized pogo stick and an 80s rock soundtrack.  It doesn’t get much more entertaining than this!  (Australia)










Based as a magician in Bath Spa, England, Gazzo performs magic all over the world. Gazzo has been mixing his comedy, magic, and British charm for over 30 years. He blends his unique style and comedy into his shows that whether you are a fan of magic or not, you become a fan of Gazzo instantly! (England)








Creating humorous renderings of YOU on the spot! (Kingston)








Caleigh Minshall


Caleigh will entertain you beautifully on her 29 string lever harp made by Stanley & Stanley right here in Kingston! (Kingston!)







Mister Twister


Back for another year, Mr. Twister is a young man who has delighted tens of thousands of people with amazing balloon creations for nearly ten years! As his reputation has grown, he has travelled farther and farther to entertain, amaze and to perform for people all across Canada and the United States! (Tyendinaga)







Partita Trio

Back again to share their eclectic program with the Buskers Rendezvous, the Partita Trio brings a delightful blend of clarinet, trombone and flute. It's music to your ears! (Kingston!)






The Red Trouser Show


The Red Trouser Show is a high energy acrobatic, juggling and comedy duo who have been performing in circuses, theaters and busking all over America and internationally since 2000.  Their awe inspiring show is fun filled and appropriate for all ages.  Just watch out for the knives! (New Hampshire)









This young magician’s inspiring, innovative and imaginative performances, coupled with his second to none stage presence makes for one mesmerizing experience. He is a natural born entertainer who effortlessly provokes mystery, laughter, danger and excitement in the minds of his audiences all over Canada! (Brockville)







The Secret Circus


These two incredibly skilled secret circus agents are saving the planet with their high-energy, character-driven performance. Perfect for family audiences, their show involves a 7-foot mono-wheeled stealthcycle, the world’s first and only bow-and-plunger, and lots of laughs.(USA)







Tribal Pulse Henna


The artists at Tribal Pulse create beautiful art on your body using only the freshest and gentlest ingredients that even the most sensitive skin can enjoy.  Each design comes alive and unfolds in a way that manifests and reflects the individual wishes of clients.  (Kingston!)







Wacky Chad


Wacky Chad’s engaging blend of comedy, stunts, and improv has impressed thousands of people all over the world.  This combination leads to a widely entertaining that keeps you smiling long after you’ve seen him!  (Syracuse, NY)







The Wilderness


The Wilderness is an international band who all met and live in Kingston. With members from the UK, Vermont, Finland and Switzerland, The Wilderness offers a rocking show with high energy, with aspects of their music being drawn from each member's roots. The Wilderness met at an open mic in Kingston and immediately formed a band and have been gigging, busking and rocking ever since. (Kingston)