A Tension–NEW!

Set to the upbeat mood of Charleston swing, Chantie charms both children and adults. With humour and agility, she brings the audience into a world of playfulness and joy. Dancing with her hoops, she draws the public in to participate. The tension grows until she finds the perfect balance on her rope!   (Montreal) 

The Bang-Bang Boys–NEW! 

Two buskers with over 67 years combined experience have joined together to be The Bang-Bang Boys. David Aiken (The Checkerboard Guy) and Jean-Michel Paré (half of The Flying Dutchmen) tap into their vast experience and use comedy, juggling, unicycle, free-standing ladder and more to dynamically engage their audience and leave everyone hooting for more! (BC and Quebec)

The Biggest Little Circus–NEW!  

This show is big! bold! and loud!  - an action packed, high-energy explosion of street theatre with a cast of three is the Biggest Little Circus show. Everything from high skilled juggling, aerial acrobatics and even a human changing room.   (New Zealand)

Flame OZ-Returning 

It’s about to get hot out here folks! Flame Oz are sure to impress as their breathtaking pyrotechnic routines are filled with perfectly choreographed, high impact fire dances executed with skillful circus artistry and unique fire-based effects that are sure to leave you sweating in your seat. (UK)


Original and innovative, Mantega invites the audience into a wordless journey where there will be guaranteed laughs and gasps of amusement.  Highly skilled and original, Mantega Voadora is a unique show that combines visual comedy, juggling and charisma.  (Cabo Verde, Africa)

Mighty Mike-NEW! 

Combining years of juggling, magic, and balloon sculpting with the lost art of strongman feats (driving a nail through a board with bare hand, phone book/card tearing, balancing/juggling heavy objects, and bending metal bars), Mike created a unique show bringing a form of traditional entertainment into the modern era.  (Toronto ON)

Nathaniel Rankin - NEW!

Award-winning Nathaniel's show combines state of the art modern magic, comedy, juggling, mind reading, sharp wit and of course, audience participation! (Toronto ON)  


Embracing the future without losing sight of the past, OKA draws upon their indigenous connection to place and country to create their signature feel good Australian earth sound, an irresistible blend of influences spanning house, big beat, reggae-dub, roots, jazz and world music.  (Australia)

Her Majesty's Secret Circus Show –Returning  

These two incredibly skilled secret circus agents are saving the planet with their high-energy, character-driven performance. Perfect for family audiences, their show involves a 7-foot mono-wheeled stealthcycle, the world’s first and only bow-and-plunger, and lots of laughs.(USA)

Snap Boogie-NEW!

This native of Boston has been described as a ‘beast’ on the dance floor with a career that began with performing on the streets to his impressive national debut during the summer of 2011 on America’s Got Talent where he blew the minds of the audience and judges with his incredible high energy, take no prisoners style.  (Boston, MA)

Wacky Chad - Returning

Wacky Chad’s engaging blend of comedy, stunts, and improve has impressed thousands of people all over the world.  This combination leads to a widely entertaining that keeps you smiling long after you’ve seen him!  (Syracuse, NY)

Amy Noël – NEW! 

From Picton, Amy Noël Rutherford is performing in her first Kingston Buskers Rendezvous. She’s a solo performer who sings everything from indie pop, classic alternative rock and indie pop. (Picton ON)

Bandaid the Clown - Returning

His ambulance is ready to go, and he's set to write up a wacky, off-the-wall diagnosis! A Readers' Digest Everyday Canadian Hero, he's a veteran at the Rendezvous! Ready for a smile and a barrel of laughs? Well, ready or not, here he comes! (Burford)

Caricatures by Wolf & Kosmo - Returning

Creating humorous renderings of YOU on the spot! (Kingston!)

Chalky - Returning

This Ottawa resident has been performing in the art of sidewalk chalk for over 15 years. He has busked his way through France, Spain and Australia meticulously reproducing classical pictures to such an amazing quality you’d swear you were looking at the Mona Lisa herself!  (Ottawa)

David Eliot – Returning 

A fun interactive stunt and magic show infused with juggling.  (Kingston!)  

DJ The Face Painter – Returning 

Transforming arms, legs, ankles and even bald heads into creative art! Not just for the kids, but the grown-up kids too! (Napanee)

Doodles Face & Body Art - Returning

Cheryl and her team are sure to astound you with their unbelievable talents – watch as they transform your face into a beautiful butterfly or ferocious lion that will be so realistic people will have to look twice! (Petawawa, Kingston)

Kingston Drum Circle – NEW! 

Multicultural and multigenerational drumming circle featuring drums and other percussion from around the world, Kingston Drum circle is an all inclusive interactive community building experience. All drummers and dancers are always welcome to join in, extra instruments available. No experience necessary! (Kingston)

Partita Trio - Returning

Back again to share their eclectic program with the Buskers Rendezvous, the Partita Trio brings a delightful blend of clarinet, trombone and flute. It's music to your ears! (Kingston!)


Trevor Dubois-NEW! 

First time at Kingston Buskers Rendezvous, Trevor Dubois is a singer songwriter who sings, plays acoustic guitar while using a guitar case as a kickdrum with one foot on a license plate and the other on tambourine.  Fun and entertaining, his sounds cleverly blends the sounds of Ed Sheeran and the Barenaked Ladies.  (Russell ON)


Tribal Pulse Henna - Returning  

The artists at Tribal Pulse create beautiful art on your body using only the freshest and gentlest ingredients that even the most sensitive skin can enjoy.  Each design comes alive and unfolds in a way that manifests and reflects the individual wishes of clients.  (Kingston!)