ACE-K - NEW!  

Like a ninja, ACE-K's moves are swift and precise. His jaw-dropping routine will amaze crowds as he performs a unique set of acrobatics and juggling and some of the most insane balloon manipulation ever! (Japan) 

Amy Noel - Returning

From Picton, Amy Noël Rutherford is performing in her second Kingston Buskers Rendezvous. She’s a solo performer who sings everything from indie pop, classic alternative rock and indie pop.  (Picton ON)

Bandaid the Clown - Returning

His ambulance is ready to go, and he's set to write up a wacky, off-the-wall diagnosis! A Readers' Digest Everyday Canadian Hero, he's a veteran at the Rendezvous! Ready for a smile and a barrel of laughs? Well, ready or not, here he comes! (Burford)

The Banters - NEW!

It’s The Banters first time performing at Kingston Buskers Rendezvous. This local 4 piece indie rock band plays a wide range of music from 50s rock & roll to modern alternative. (Kingston)

Brythemagicguy - Returning

A jack of all trades, BrytheMagicGuy will impress you with his close-up magic!  Cards, cups and balls and jokes will keep you mesmerized and giggling!  (Brockville) 

Chantal Nadeau & Kieran Robinson - Returning

Welcome back 16 year-old Chantal and 15 year-old Keiran to Kingston Buskers Rendezvous as they sing and play their way into your hearts. (Kingston!)

Chris Blaze - NEW!

The ‘Blazed Up Fire Show’ is a futuristic high energy fire ninja style performance.  You’ll be amazed with this fire show – it’s dark, mysterious, full of special effects and lots and lots of fire!  (Australia)

Copenhagen Golden Fairy - NEW!

A statue whose mission is to cast light onto people’s faces and into their hearts and most of all to create simple and sweet connections to the happiness of life that exists within the world.  (London UK)

DJ The Face Painter - Returning

Transforming arms, legs, ankles and even bald heads into creative art! Not just for the kids, but the grown-up kids too! (Napanee)

Doodles Face & Body Art - Returning

Cheryl and her team are sure to astound you with their unbelievable talents – watch as they transform your face into a beautiful butterfly or ferocious lion that will be so realistic people will have to look twice! (Petawawa, Kingston)

Duo Looky - NEW!

A bartender and a waitress with a mobile bar, dreaming of fame in the circus world. Together they will mix their coolest tricks with spicy humor to win the love of the audience." (Israel)

DynaMike - NEW!

DynaMike's show is high skill, high energy and full of love. He loves stretching awkward moments, turning reluctant volunteers into crowd heroes and spreading human joy everywhere he goes. (London UK)


Farrucas Duo - Returning

Jorge and Laura are a husband and wife music duo who experiment with a diversity of Latin sounds and instruments. (Toronto)

The Flying Tortillas - Returning

These guys can do it all! Acrobatics, stunts, tumbling, breakdancing, circus skills and comedy are all rolled into one thrilling performance! (California)

Kingston Drum Circle - Returning

Multicultural and multigenerational drumming circle featuring drums and other percussion from around the world, Kingston Drum Circle is an all inclusive interactive community building experience. All drummers and dancers are always welcome to join in, extra instruments available. No experience necessary! (Kingston)

Mighty Mike - Returning

Combining years of juggling, magic and balloon sculpting with the lost art of strongman feats (driving a nail through a board with bare hand, phone book/card tearing, balancing/juggling heavy objects and bending metal bars), Mike has created a unique show bringing a form of traditional entertainment into the modern era.(Toronto)

Mister Twister - Returning

Back for another year, Mr Twister is a young man who has delighted tens of thousands of people with his amazing balloon creations for over a decade! As his reputation has grown, he has travelled farther and farther to entertain, amaze and to perform for people all across Canada and the U.S. (Toronto)

Mr Dyvinetz - NEW!

Mr Dyvinetz plays with the difficulty of balance and visial beauty of the Cyr Wheel to present a new and emotional show. The Cyr Wheel was invented in Montreal in 2003 - only a few know how to use it well and Mr Dvyinetz is one of those rare few. (Spain)

Peter Rabbit - Returning

You've never seen anything like it! Peter is the bucket drummer to end all bucket drummers. Most recently he has starred in the Broadway hit Bring in da Noise, Bring in da Funk, though he's excited to return to his roots as a busker. (Las Vegas)

Treebot - Returning

The Treebot is wandering the earth seraching for humans to move through music and sound. Sometimes it performs human songs, sometimes it performs with humans, sometimes it performs its own strange compositions and other times it simply improvises and creates sonic beauty for humans right there on the spot. (Kingston)

Tribal Pulse Henna - Returning

The artists at Tribal Pulse create beautiful art on your body using only the freshest and gentlest ingredients that even the most sensitive skin can enjoy. Each design comes alive and unfolds in a way that manifests and reflects the individual wishes of clients. (Kingston)

Wacky Chad! - Returning

Wacky Chad's engaging blend of comedy, stunts and improv has impressed thousands of people all over the world. This combination leads to a widely entertaining show that keeps you smiling long after you've seen him. And, he's last year's People's Choice winner! (Syracuse NY)