Downtown Kingston! | Performers



Like a ninja, ACE-K’s moves are swift and precise. His jaw-dropping routine will amaze crowds as he performs a unique set of acrobatics, juggling, and some of the most intricate balloon manipulation ever! (Japan) 

Bandaid the Clown

His ambulance is ready to go, and he's set to write up a wacky, off-the-wall diagnosis! A Readers' Digest Everyday Canadian Hero, he's a veteran at the Rendezvous! Ready for a smile and a barrel of laughs? Well, ready or not, here he comes! (Burford)


Four friends, four ukuleles, one amazing melody. Longtime friends Clara, Annie, Bella and Lucy have brought their musical talents to form CABL. These local buskers have been seen all over Kingston performing their revised covers of classic hits! (Kingston)

Caricatures by Rahman

Drawing caricatures for over 20 years, Rahman Abbas can capture your personality with imagination in just 5 minutes! (Ottawa)

Chris Blaze

Can you handle the heat? The ‘Blazed Up Fire Show’ is a futuristic, high energy, fire ninja style performance.  You’ll be amazed with this show – it’s dark, mysterious, full of special effects and of course lots of fire! (Australia) 

Circus Firemen

Did someone pull the alarm?  Welcome back 2011 Peoples’ Choice winners, Matilda and Angus. They’re here to save the day!  Watch as these two firemen perform amazing feats of acrobatics, fire juggling (of course!) and precarious ladder balancing (Australia).

Circus Jonathan


Jonathan Seglins, Circus Jonathan, is an award-winning comic, unicyclist, juggler, renown clown, circus instructor, master balloon sculptor, stiltsman, wire walker, equilibrist, actor, professional court jester, acrobat, variety entertainment producer and….the very first busker at this festival, 30 years ago! 

Didgera - NEW!

Dave Johnson, takes solo street music to a new level. A highly skilled multi instrumentalist, Dave interweaves slide didge, sax, electro flute, percussion and keyboards into a unique and uplifting soul- filled sound.  Didgera’s global grooves cross cultural boundaries of the past, with tribal rhythmic roots, while embracing reggae-dub, house, Jazz, chillout and dance. The result is a sea of smiles, eyes inspired and bodies that can’t help but groove.

DJ The Face Painter

Transforming arms, legs, ankles and even bald heads into creative art! Not just for the kids, but the grown-up kids too! (Napanee)

Doodles Face & Body Art

Cheryl and her team are sure to astound you with their unbelievable talents – watch as they transform your face into a beautiful butterfly or ferocious lion that will be so realistic people will have to look twice! (Petawawa, Kingston)

Groovy Guy

 This “big bald silly man” has been entertaining crowds for over twenty years with his blend of comedy and juggling.  With fire juggling, an 8 foot unicycle and a slack rope this is a show that’s guaranteed to be, like, totally groovy, man.  (Vermont) 

Kilted Colin

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's just a guy in a kilt. Kilted Colin has been performing since a very young age wowing audiences with his combination of bagpipes, dancing, comedy, and a unicycle! (USA) 

Kingston Drumming Circle

Multicultural and multigenerational drumming circle featuring percussion from around the world, Kingston Drum circle is an all inclusive interactive community building experience. All drummers and dancers are always welcome to join in, extra instruments available. No experience necessary! (Kingston)

Mr. Twister

For nearly ten years, Mr. Twister has delighted tens of thousands of people with amazing balloon creations! As his reputation has grown, he has travelled farther and farther to entertain, amaze and perform for people across Canada and the United States! (Tyendinaga) 

Reuben DotDotDot – NEW

Reuben DotDotDot defies gravity and death with acrobatic stunts and balances you need to see to believe. The show that has it all – humor, handstands and holding on for dear life! (Australia)

The Big Wheel Show – NEW!

A show with a big personality! Hannah has brought her friend, Cornelius the German Wheel, to the street. You’ll see Hannah contorting herself through rings, spinning and rolling through the wheel and engaging audiences with her affable personality and light-hearted banter.

The Post Men – NEW!

An extremely talented barbershop quartet comprised of four young university students. You may have seen them featured on 'The Morning Show' with Bill Welychka or performing in Market Square. Either way, this local group has strong blended harmonies and a natural charm you can’t resist. 

The Silver Starlets – NEW

The Silver Starlets is an all-female aerial acrobatic show. Full of glam, glitz and glitter, The Starlets use a 20-foot-high free-standing trapeze rig for their stage. They twist, tumble, bend, climb and fall, getting the audience cheering, laughing and sometimes even dancing right along with them. But don't let their tutus fool you because The Silver Starlets captivate their audience with family friendly charm, beautiful grace, and amazing strength, these girls don’t sweat...they sparkle! 

The Street Circus

Daniel and Kimberly Craig bring the nouveau circus experience to the street! Watch them as they perform over 100 tricks and stunts throughout the show including the cyr wheel, hand to hand acrobatics, hula hoops, handstands, contortion, and fire juggling! This show embodies everything spectacular about modern circus and everything fun and spontaneous about street performing! (Winnipeg) 

Tine Rufaro Marimba Band

Get ready to dance!  The Tine Rufaro Marimba band performs traditional African music on marimbas (hand crafted xylophones made from hardwood).  Once the singing, hoshos (shakers) and African drums get added you won’t be able to sit still!  (Ottawa)

Tribal Pulse Henna

The artists at Tribal Pulse create beautiful art on your body using only the freshest and gentlest ingredients that even the most sensitive skin can enjoy. Each design comes alive and unfolds in a way that manifests and reflects the individual wishes of clients. (Kingston)

Two-Third's Down Under

Based in Kingston Ontario this group consists of two dinky-di Aussies and a retired globe trotter who has settled in Canada. Playing together for over a year, this trio combines clarinets, flutes and a cello. They play a variety of selections from Bach to Beatles and original compositions!