Downtown Kingston! | Fall Art After Dark 2019
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Fall Art After Dark 2019

Friday, September 27, 2019
7:00pm - 10:00pm

Galleries and art loving businesses in downtown Kingston will open their doors from 7:00pm to 10:00pm on Friday, September 27. Join us for this free event and see (and buy!) the best art Kingston has to offer!

Enter to win $500 towards the purchase of original art at all participating locations. Fill out your ballot in person when you visit the galleries during Art After Dark for your chance to win!

Participating Galleries

 (Click here for a printable map of participating businesses)


1. Amanda's House of Elegance 70 Princess St


2. Amber Room 34 Princess St


3. Ars Libri Bookbinding & Book Restoration 60 Brock St


4. Art Noise 290 Princess St

Art Noise is exhibiting a group of artworks produced all or in part with Tri-Art materials, in celebration of Tri-Art's 25th anniversary, that they have collected over this quarter century. To commemorate the growth of Tri-Art, and celebrate the artists whose work embodies the greatest promise Tri-Art paints provide.

5. Black Dog Pottery 58 Queen St


6. Cloth 131 Princess St

Featured Artist: Bev Barr

7. Cornerstone Canadian Art & Craft 255 Ontario St

Featured Artist: Paintings by Lise Gillis

8. Gallery Raymond 334 Princess St

Annual Open House featuring new work by represented artists.
Gallery Raymond is proud to present their Annual Open House showcasing new work by all of their artists: Bonnie Brooks, Frank Edwards, Jordan Hicks, Harold Kaufmann, Jane Colden, Lori Richards, Karen Fox, Sarah Hunter, Aili Kurtis, Michael Minthorn, Mark Graham, Tim De Rose, Peggy Morley, Michelle Reid, Grace George, Maureen Sheridan, Beth ten Hove, Raymond Vos, Verna Vowles and Gerry Wright.

9. Gallery Raymond - The Warehouse Gallery 273 Brock St (entrance off Clergy)

Annual Open House featuring new work by represented artists.
The Warehouse Gallery around the block from Gallery Raymond will be open for viewing!

10. General Brock's Commissary 86 Brock St

Featured Artist: Joanne Gervais
Local artist Joanne Gervais will be onsite at the Commissary, working on her painting of a view of Kingston Harbour circa 1812.

The Commissary will also have chocolatier Lorie Boychuk of Mrs B's Country Candy with the launch of her new line of Belgian chocolates!

Come see General Brock's Commissary's War of 1812 Gallery of paintings of ships built here in Kingston to defend Upper Canada on Lake Ontario!

11. Happy Thoughts 95 Clarence St (at Wellington)

Featured Artist: Sherry Jeffery
Happy Thoughts is celebrating their 1 year anniversary! To celebrate, they are hosting a pop-up with local jeweller Sherry Jeffrey.

12. Hip Kids 233 Princess St

Featured Artist: 4EVER Expressions - fingerprint jewelry
The fingerprint jewellery is custom, unique and one-of-a-kind. Every charm possesses its own characteristics, as it is made by fingerprint impression.

Customers can design the fingerprint charm to suit their style, leave it with a high polish finish, or take it to the next level by adding a birthstone with engraving. Prices, pendent, chain and bling options can be seen at 

13. Kingston Frameworks 198 Princess St

Featured Artist: Andrée Anna Thorpe
Fields of Hope, A Farmer's Celebration and Their Way of Life

14. Kingston Glass Studio & Gallery 56 Queen St


15. Limestone Eyecare 215 Princess St

Featured Artist: Matthew Poirier
Matthew Poirier is a Canadian artist whose work explores movement through colour and texture. Matthew has worked as an artist, designer and teacher in Montreal, Boston and Kingston. His work is held by private collectors in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. His work can be viewed at

16. Martello Alley 203B Wellington St

Featured Artist: Carla Miedema
Martello Alley is an art themed historic alley in downtown Kingston. Representing numerous artists, Martello Alley is a gallery where you can find original and printed artwork as well a place to meet the artists and see their work in progress.

17. Meraqi Art Annex 66 Brock St


18. Metalworks Contemporary Goldsmithing 352 King St E


19. Open Studios Kingston 39 Mpntreal St


20. RēMIXTA 32 Montreal St

RēMIXTA is thrilled to be sharing space for Art After Dark with Melanie Gordon, an emerging artist from Kingston. Trained in digital art and self-taught in oil painting, Melanie strives to create meaningful and intimate forms of connection, between her subject and the viewer, with her evocative portrait paintings. By exploring and showcasing the beauty of various ethnicities, she expresses her deeply felt commitment to the value of multiculturalism and the celebration of human diversity. Melanie’s work is natural fit for RēMIXTA, a micro-gallery that believes in promoting intercultural dialogue through art.

21. Salti Yoga 80 Princess St

Featured Artist: Caitlyn Chisamore
Travel through her landscape oil paintings inspired by untamed scenery across the world.

22. Sherlock's Escapes 298 Bagot St, 2nd Floor

Matt started Sherlock's Escapes in 2016 with a desire to create an immersive experience. With the help of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Matt created a Sherlock Holmes world in his own image. The lobby is expertly decorated to resemble Sherlock's living area. Starting with Moriarty's Photo Lab, Matt and his team have built 7 original escape experience - one as far away as Switzerland.

Sherlock's Escapes will be showcasing a short, 5-min escape room game that you can enjoy during your evening art exploration:
Sherlock Holmes has gone missing and we decided that if we investigate his living quarters, we might be able to find some information about his whereabouts. Can you help us break into his house? Come in an experience a complimentary mini 5-min escape experience!

23. Studio22 320 King St E

Featured Artists:

The Concert Series - New Paintings by Evelyn Rapin
The Concert Series is a visually powerful body of new work by Kingston artist, Evelyn Rapin, created from a sublime auditory experience. Rapin's latest exhibit was influenced by an enchanting concert featuring the beautiful music of Canadian composer, Marjan Mozetich. Her artistic approach is to visually depict the sensation of music in two dimensions.

The House the Spirit Builds - Photographs by Diane Laundy & Peter Coffman with poems by Lorna Crozier
The House the Spirit Builds- also the title of the book of poetry- is a visual and poetic celebration of a place called Wintergreen, interpreted by two photographers, Diane Laundy and Peter Coffman, whose images inspired a collection of poems by Lorna Crozier.

24. Thrive Chiropractic 214 Wellington St

Featured Artist: Chipewyan McCrimmon
A huge part of Chipewyan McCrimmon's culture is focused on the earth and everything that it encompasses. He has been very influenced by this in creating his art as he really wants to portray the beauty of our environment and all those animals that we coincide with. A key aspect of his culture is realizing what humans are on the planet for, and that is to be the caretakers of Mother Earth and all that live in it. We were put on this planet to help take care of it, not to destroy it. He hopes to promote that part of his culture into Canadian culture through his art.
Website -
Contact -
Facebook & Instagram - @intricateburns

Artist Bio:
My name is Chipewyan "Chip" McCrimmon and I was born in Toronto, raised throughout Saskatchewan, and went to Bloomington, Indiana (USA) to play high school lacrosse. I then moved to St. Catharines, Ontario where I completed my Bachelor's degree in Political Science, played for the Brock University Men's Lacrosse team, as well as the Welland Generals Jr. B Box Lacrosse team. I currently reside in Kingston, Ontario where I recently completed the Masters of Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship program from The Smith School of Business at Queen's University.

I am currently working on my tech-startup, HeroHub; it is an online platform that connects individuals, with charities, non-profits, and their opportunities. My mission & vision with HeroHub is to create a greater social impact by providing everyone with the necessary tools & information so that we can all make a difference.

I am Dene (Chipewyan specifically) and a member of the Deninu K'ue First Nation. My home community is located in Fort Resolution, Northwest Territories on the Eastern shore of the Great Slave Lake. My real education came from hunting, fishing, and trapping in the bush of Northern Saskatchewan, where I was also influenced by Woodland Cree culture as well! I am very proud of my Indigenous heritage and I strive to be a great representative of my people.

25. UNDR for Men 68 Princess St

Featured Artist: Green Moth Photography - William Carroll
Fine art meets nature. William, a Kingston native, has worked for the last 6 years to refine his art. Creating from original photos, his pieces show beauty as he sees it, and it’s wondrous!

26. Something Else Records 207A Wellington St

Featured Artists:

Deena Jacobs. Artist. Music lover. Record hoarder.
Life experiences and mobility have influenced a dedicated art practice. Mixed media work is defined by layers, paintings and illustrations, techniques used in the crafting of intimate and narrative worlds. A Canadian, having lived and worked in Thornhill, Toronto, Niihama (Japan), Glasgow (Scotland), and Barcelona (Spain), before moving to Kingston, Ontario in 2016. Graduating from York University in 2007 with a BFA, Deena Jacobs continues to challenge and expand her practice through movements and integrating new skills.

Art by Grace Katie Dixon
Grace is a visual artist from the Kingston area with an interest in popular culture, a passion for storytelling, mental health awareness and an appreciation for bright colours and abstract design.

Francisco Corbett
Francisco Corbett is a 21 year old artist. He was adopted from Guatemala when he was 5 months old. He began taking art and culture seriously when he went to see a Jean Michel Basquiat show in 2015. Up until that point he was enamoured with the freedom that the artist Banksy conveyed with his large scale graffiti paintings. Freedom is what he began searching for. He fell into addiction and criminal activity which led to a eventual breaking point from his loved ones around him. While this was happening, he was blessed with his first son. Luca. His priorities shifted all at the same time and he began creating art seriously to convey his message. Be free. FORFOREVER.

Melanie Gordon
Melanie has created and will be selling some limited quantity prints featuring musical artists such as Frank Ocean and other models in which she found inspiration.

27. Kirisma Boutique Hair Studio 248 Wellington St

Featured Artist: Frances Barbara Shave
Art Medium: Detailed Water colour, Acrylic, Scenic, Abstract, Character

Frances Barbara Shave "Barbara" is a diverse Canadian painter born in Campbelton New Brunswick. Inspiration and a realization of her artistic gift started as early as childhood years, when she spent summers at her Grandmothers house 30 minutes away in Capelan, Gaspé coast. There is definitely a "Down East" French combined with Scottish flair behind some of her paintings, through the decades Barbara has travelled overseas and found european inspiration. Also spending years living, and studying the art in the 1000 Islands - St. Lawrence River lends a spark as well. We will let Barbara surprise us on September 27th, as to which collections she will display. We will be happy to see some of our area art admirers. We will participate and host in this event with art and hospitality in our hearts!

28. Bill Penner Studio 209 Wellington St


29. Salon 296 296 Bagot St

Featured Artist: Donna Cheryl Brown
Abstracts, Trees, Skill Lifes, Figuratives, Portraits


 (Click here for a printable map of participating businesses)