Downtown Kingston! | 2019 Santa Parade Commercial Application

2019 Santa Parade Commercial Application

Thank you for your interest in the 2019 Nighttime Santa Parade! Here is some key information you will need to know. 

Event information:

  • Saturday November 16, 2019
  • 5pm to approx 7pm 
  • Tree lighting ceremony to follow in Market Square 
  • Application Deadline: October 18, 2019 (late applications will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis as space allows)

Approval information: 

  • Please allow 2 weeks following submission for approval
  • Approval will only be granted to those who include an entry description
  • The Kingston Santa Parade Committee reserves the right to refuse entry to any group deemed unsuitable to the parade. If this is the case, your entry will be notified. 

Commercial entry fee structures: 

The starting rate is $600, but there are options to reduce the fee you pay by upgrading your entry! 

**Note: discounts can be cumulative but the minimum fee for any commercial entry is $400**

  • You can knock off $100 if you agree to invest a minimum of $100 in lights for your entry this year. 
  • You can knock off $50 if you agree to invest a minimum of $50 in materials for your entry this year. 
  • You can knock off $50 if you plan to partner with a community group and assist them with their entry. 
  • You can knock off $200 if you agree to make a big change to your previous entry OR you are creating something completely new for the parade and will invest at least $200 doing so. 
  • Or you can pay the full pop - $600! 

Important things you should know: 

  • Parade workshop: Wednesday, November 6 from 7pm to 8pm location to be emailed out to participants
  • Parade day: Saturday November 16, 2019
  • Float arrival to staging area: 1pm - gates close at 4pm
  • Parade start time: 5pm SHARP!
  • Parade finish: 7pm (approx) 
  • Parking: There is NO on-site Parking. 
  • Pick-up: Arrange for pickup of participants at the end of the parade route, somewhere off of Ontario Street (Empire Life & Tim Horton’s parking lots are recommended)
  • There is only one Santa Claus – and he rides at the end of the parade.

Rules and Regulations: 

  • Safety: individuals and organizations in the parade are expected to perform courteously, in good taste, and with safety in mind at all times during the formation, execution and dismissal of the parade. Large floats, especially wide floats, must provide a person on each side and in front of the float to move spectators back so that the float may safely pass them by. The parade has a strict no open flame policy. Eash float must have a fire extinguisher on board. To ensure passenger safety on all floats, each person riding on a float must be strapped in. 
  • Obey the law: All entries must conform to rules and regulations as specified by Municipal, Provincial and Federal agencies and laws as it applies to their entries. The Greater Kingston Santa Parade Committee maintains a policy of public liability insurance to protect against any claims by spectators against the parade. Parade participants ensure their own insurance offers sufficient protection for their parade entry. 
  • Be nice all through the parade: All entries are to maintain reasonable and consistent spacing to the entry in front of them and must adhere to a Parade Marshall's adjustment of the spacing, Any Parade Marshal may remove an entry or individual(s) within an entry from the parade for non-compliance of the Rules and Regulations or misbehavior. Marching bands and other performing groups are not to unduly delay the parade. 
  • Decorations: All float and vehicle entries MUST be decorated and have lights. 
  • Poop & Scoop: Anyone wishing to ride a horse in the parade must be affiliated with and ride with an approved club or organization. A cleaning crew must accompany and immediately follow any live animal entries. If animals are diapered, a cleaning crew is not required. 
  • It's for the Kids: The parade's mission is to entertain families, especially children - it is NOT a commercial, religious or political forum. All entries must convey the spirit of the holiday season. 
  • Give away smiles, not stuff: Throwing of candy or any object WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. We discourage handing out candy, literature or other promotional material. The parade is not a fundraising opportunity or a commercial promotional opportunity. There is an additional $200 hand out fee for this privilege subject to approval by the Greater Kingston Parade Committee – note that not all proposals will be accepted. The Santa Parade Committee also reserves the right to charge an entry after the Parade, should circumstances warrant.
  • There is only one Santa and he rides at the end of the parade.
  • Fine Print: Release and Consent: In consideration of the acceptance of the Greater Kingston Santa Parade application, I hereby release the Downtown Kingston BIA, the Greater Kingston Santa Parade Committee, all other parade committees and volunteers, all parade sponsors and the City of Kingston, from all and every claim for damages which may occur to me at anytime hereafter in favor of myself, my heirs, representatives, or dependents, against said organization, its officers and members, which may be suffered by me or any of them because of any matter, thing, condition, negligence, or default, or any person whatsoever, on the Greater Kingston Santa Parade Committee, or any of them, held, given by, or under the direction of said Greater Kingston Santa Parade Executive Committee.