Downtown Kingston! | Rotary Comfort Zones

Rotary Comfort Zones

Downtown Kingston! is pleased to partner with the City of Kingston and Rotary Clubs of Kingston to offer dedicated, accessible spaces for families at this year’s Santa Parade. The initiative was put forth by a collective of concerned mothers affectionately known as “The Mamma Bears.” These women simply hoped for their whole families to enjoy the parade together. They have helped provide advice on the conditions needed to bring a family with accessibility needs to the parade. The purpose of the Rotary Comfort Zones is to ensure the parade is a safe and accessible event for all.

Who can use the Rotary Comfort Zones?

The space is meant for people with accessibility issues with a focus on children. Not all disabilities are visible and families with accessibility needs may struggle with a variety of issues. The Rotary Comfort Zones are open to families with:

  • Vision Problems
  • Complex Medical Issues
  • Mobility Issues
  • Toileting Issues
  • Low Muscle Tone
  • Sensitivity/allergy to cold

Remember: over 80 % of disabilities are invisible!

Each space will:

  • Have a minimum of 2 well-informed volunteers on site to advise parade goers and help maintain the area
  • Be cordoned off with stanchions to ensure only families in need use the space provided
  • Be located as close as possible to a public parking lot that will have additional accessibility spaces available for the evening
  • Be located as close as possible to an accessible bathroom

Where are the Rotary Comfort Zones located?

Please note: Rotary Comfort Zones will be available on a first come, first served basis. Unused space within the Zones will be opened up to the general public at the times indicated below.

Rotary Comfort Zone #1:  Giant Tiger

Located in front of the Giant Tiger at 811 Princess Street
Parking is available behind Giant Tiger in the Gorsline lot (access off of MacDonnell St)
Please arrive by 5:00pm

Rotary Comfort Zone #2:  Crave Coffee House

Located in front of Crave Coffee House at 166 Princess St
Parking is available in the Lower Robert Bruce Lot on Bagot St between Brock St and Princess St
Please arrive by 5:15pm

Rotary Comfort Zone #3:  Milestones Grill and Bar

Located in front of Milestones at 27 Princess St
Parking is available at the Frontenac Lot at King St & The Tragically Hip Way (access off of King St)
Please arrive by 5:30pm


Downtown Kingston! would like to thank the Rotary Clubs of Kingston for their involvement in this event, as well as the City of Kingston for their cooperation and for providing the additional accessible spaces in each lot.