Imagination on Ice


Photo Credit Danielle Earl

Feb Fest is delighted to announce that Canada’s most decorated female figure skater, Kaetlyn Osmond, will be headlining Imagination on Ice! She brings a combination of elegance and strength to the ice that few can match. In 2014 she earned a spot in Canadian skating history as a member of the Olympic team that captured silver in the inaugural team event. She is a three-time Canadian champion, a bronze and gold Olympic medalist and the first woman to win gold at the World Championship (2018) since Karen Magnussen in 1973. Age twenty-two at the time, she won the women's singles crown in Milan, Italy, scoring 150.50 points for her Black Swan routine (choreographed by Canadian, and former Feb Fest Skater, Jeffrey Buttle) to finish with 223.23 points overall. Osmond stood fourth following the short program and skated a near perfect routine. She announced her retirement from competitive skating in May of last year.

Also skating in this year's show will be local skaters Jessica Lui, Karisa Wang, Caterina Russo-Smith, Reese Rose, Colin Clark & Madison Smith, Kingston Synchro Pre-Novice Team, and Tina Imnashvili and the Dance Fours from the Queen's Skating Team.

The show begins at 1pm on Saturday February 1st at Springer Market Square.