Brian's Record Option

People of the Big Dig: Brian from Brian's Record Option

The DK! team went “digging” around in some of downtown Kingston’s most unique businesses to bring you the inside scoop on the front of staff you come face-to-face with every day. These employees are the backbone to the restaurants, shops, and services you rely on. Let’s dive right in and get to know “The People of the Big Dig!” 


Brian from Brian’s Record Option
381 Princess St.

Fresh off Princess Street, Brian’s Record Option will have your head spinning, vinyl style. From Blues to Country, this vintage find is a dream come true for both classic and modern music lovers. Can’t find something? Just ask him… that’s exactly what we did. Here’s what we learned!

What is your favourite thing about downtown Kingston?

The many unique stores, friendly people, the many amazing events all year round! 

What’s your favourite product/service that you offer?

I sell used and new records, cassettes, cds, posters, books of a musical nature. I provide personal  one on one service with each person coming into the store. I take many special orders for any products I don`t have in stock. It usually takes two days to receive the product, and typically, I get one or two orders per day. I also sell tickets for events in Kingston. I am the ticket outlet for the Grad Club, Live Wire, the Film Festival, Punk Productions, Choirs, Wolf Island Festival, and Blue Skies!

What is your background?

I am originally from Montreal. When I decided to open my store in 1980, Kingston was one of eight locations I was considering. Kingston won out due to its location, university, great potential for what I planned to do and I have been here for the past 38 years with no regrets. When I am not working, I read musical biographies and autobiographies, and do chores around my 80 acre farm.