Margo from Shoppers Drug Mart

People of the Big Dig: Margo from Shoppers Drug Mart

The DK! team went “digging” around in some of downtown Kingston’s most unique businesses to bring you the inside scoop on the front of staff you come face-to-face with every day. These employees are the backbone to the restaurants, shops, and services you rely on. Let’s dive right in and get to know “The People of the Big Dig!” 


Margo from Shoppers Drug Mart
445 Princess St.

The next time you’re in Shoppers Drug Mart at 445 Princess, grab some “face” time with Margo their Cosmetic Manager, a true local beauty connoisseur! Receive a free skin consultation and allow Margo to transform your beauty regimen right before your eyes.

What is your favourite thing about downtown Kingston?

I live in Downtown Kingston and have for many years. I love that you can walk out your door and be at any of the great shops within minutes, you never need to worry about finding a parking spot! And it is also great to see all the new Local stores opening...Shop Local!

What is your favourite product that you guys offer?

I have many favourite products, too many to mention! One of the many great services we offer at Shoppers Drug Mart in the cosmetic department is free skin consultations. We have a moisture checker to check moisture levels in your skin and a video Microscope to determine clogged pores, dry or oily skin, and sun damage to skin (dark spots). These tools can help us help you make a great choice for your skin types and skin concerns. 

Where is your favourite downtown Kingston patio?

My favourite downtown patio would have to be Woodenheads. I adore the food and love the back.... such a great little patio!

What is your signature cocktail?

I love a glass of dry white wine.

Where would you go if you won the lottery?

I would buy a house on the beach in Hawaii.

Best dance floor in Kingston?

I would have to go with The Grizzly Grill for best dance floor in Kingston ... I’ve had many good times at the Grizzly on the dance floor!