Penny from Burger King

People of the Big Dig: Penny from Burger King

The DK! team went “digging” around in some of downtown Kingston’s most unique businesses to bring you the inside scoop on the front of staff you come face-to-face with every day. These employees are the backbone to the restaurants, shops, and services you rely on. Let’s dive right in and get to know “The People of the Big Dig!” 


Penny from Burger King
400 Princess St.

Penny for your thoughts? Grab a seat and a snack, because we asked Penny from Burger King what makes working in downtown Kingston so yummy! Service with a smile is her mantra. So, head on down to the BK Lounge and make sure to grab a Whopper and a quick chat.

What is your favourite thing about downtown Kingston?

There’s always lots of events going on!

What’s your favourite product that you guys serve?

Whoppers... They are always hot and fresh off of the grill!

What is your background?

I was born in Kingston and raised in Sharbort Lake. I’ve been back in Kingston since I was 15. My favourite thing to do in my spare time is to go out and socialize with friends and family - there is always something to do in Kingston!

Favourite dessert?

Hershey Sundae Pies from Burger King!

Favourite Bar in Kingston?

That's a tough one as there are so many great bars and pubs, but if I had to choose just one, then I would have to say The Brass.