Ray from Gallery Raymond

People of the Big Dig: Ray from Gallery Raymond

The DK! team went “digging” around in some of downtown Kingston’s most unique businesses to bring you the inside scoop on the front of staff you come face-to-face with every day. These employees are the backbone to the restaurants, shops, and services you rely on. Let’s dive right in and get to know “The People of the Big Dig!” 


Ray from Gallery Raymond
334 Princess St.

When it comes to celebrating local talent, Ray from Gallery Raymond is an absolute pro. Within Kingston’s largest commercial gallery, Ray has carefully currated a collection that boasts work from 20 local artists. Having worked within the community for over 31 years, Ray’s roots run deep within downtown. Even more, Gallery Raymond offers complete custom framing and an opportunity to experience what Kingston’s art community has to offer during their bi-monthly artists’ exhibitions.

We were in the right frame of mind when we chatted with Ray. Here’s what we found out!

What is your favourite thing about downtown Kingston?

There are so, so many things I love about Downtown Kingston. I had always hoped to work downtown and now I have operated my own business for 33+ years. Since I live downtown I am only a 5 minute walk to my shop and my wife is a 15 minute walk to Queen's.

I love the unique shops that are housed in historical buildings—including my own! Enriched by history and surrounded by the lake and the river, Kingston is a beautiful place to live, work and shop.

What is your favourite service that you offer?

I love the fact that Kingston is such an artistic community. I love to show off all the 400+ amazing paintings in my gallery. I decided to focus exclusively on local art when I became an art gallery. I often point to one of my represented artists' works and say that this artist lives only a five minute walk away. That is local!

Red wine or white wine?

I am ambidextrous! I love them both equally. Depends on the food that they are paired with. Love Riesling with Salmon, Chardonnay with Roast Chicken, Gamay with Burgers and Shiraz with Lamb!

Best Breakfast/Brunch joint in Downtown Kingston?

We go out for Brunch every Sunday and decide between our favourites—Windmills, Chez Piggy, Pan Chancho, The Brew Pub and The Star!

Where did you last go on vacation?

Kenya. We started a charity putting kids through school and travel there regularly to connect and support them! thekenyainitiative.com