Big Dig 4


Click here for our Big Dig 4 Resource Guide for downtown Kingston businesses.

In this guide you'll find:

  • Map of Construction Area
  • FAQ's for businesses in the construction zone
  • Best Practices
  • "How to Survive the Big Dig" brochure
  • Marketing 101 - media guide
  • Co-op advertising media list
  • Worksheet "Marketing Your Path Through The Big Dig" (© Rob Wood, 8020 Info Inc. 2015)
  • Downtown Kingston demographics

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Main Line Constuction Estimates Timeline

Construction began in early January 2018 and is expected to last until December 2018. The "main line" are the pipes running up the middle of the road that require the deep trenches - service excavations are done in the sidewalk areas up against each building and will continue throughout the project. The timelines given on the map are for the main line construction only and do not include the work for the service excavations and road/sidewalk restoration. Restoration work follows the mainline sewer installation.

Map of Main Line Construction Estimates

Phase 1 (Princess St. from Clergy through Barrie)
Main Line work complete. Road/sidewalk restoration underway.

Phase 2 (Barrie St. from Princess to Brock - at Metro Parking lot)
Main Line work complete. Road/sidewalk restoration underway.

Phase 3 (Barrie St. from Princess to Queen)
Main Line work complete. Road/sidewalk restoration underway.

Phase 4 (Princess St. from Barrie to Division)
Main Line work complete. Road/sidewalk restoration underway.

Phase 5 (Princess St. through Division St. intersection)
Main Line work complete. Road/sidewalk restoration underway.

Phase 6 (Divsion St. Princess to Brock)
Main Line work complete. Road/sidewalk restoration underway.

Phase 7 (Division St. Princess to Colborne)
Main Line work complete. Road/sidewalk restoration underway.


Imporant Info for Businesses in the Construction Zone

If your business/building is directly within the construction zone, there are 3 very important items that you as a business and/or property owner need to think about:

1.   Service Upgrades to Your Building

Those businesses/buildings that are directly within the construction zone can take advantage of a huge opportunity and cost savings if you are thinking about upgrading the services (water, gas, sewer, electrical, phone, cable) that currently run into your building. Thinking of a change of use?  Plans for future expansion?  Just need a bigger service? There will be no better time to upgrade than when the area in front of your building is already excavated. It will be much more difficult and extremely expensive to make any change in the future…now is the time to take advantage!

2.  Separate Your Internal Sewer System

The City and Utilities Kingston continue to address flooding and sewer backup issues, by separating the combined sewer system running the length of the street into 2 (Storm and Sanitary). As with each previous Big Dig, it will be mandatory to separate each building’s internal sewer system into the 2 new separated pipes under the street when construction is over. Each building will be inspected to ensure that this has been done.  We would advise that you should contact your plumber as soon as possible to have a look at your internal plumbing, and get an estimate as to how much it will cost you to complete the work. Again, this separation will be mandatory and will assist in preventing future flooding of all buildings downtown and should help with insurance issues as well.

3.  Patios? Building Renovations?

Are you a restaurant thinking of a patio space?  Or, are you planning on doing any major renovations to your building/business in 2018?  If so, we need to hear from you now so that we can incorporate/coordinate those plans into Big Dig 4. 

If you have any questions about any of the above, please contact Rob Tamblyn, Development Manager at the Downtown Kingston! office: 613-542-8677 or