Downtown Kingston! | 2-Hrs FREE Parking!
2-Hrs FREE Parking!

2-Hrs FREE Parking!

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The holiday season is over but there is still a lot of winter in front of us. With Kingston being in the heart of the corridor that runs along Lake Ontario, notorious for chilly winters, we encourage you to embrace the season Canadiana-Style.

Downtown Kingston! has a lot of fun, safe activities planned this winter. During COVID-19 restrictions many of our restaurants are offering takeout, and our retailers are open at 50%. In partnership with the City of Kingston, enjoying the downtown experience just became a little bit easier. Visitors can take advantage of 2-hours of FREE parking in 7 lots in the downtown core.


HONK Codes: 


1. King/Queen Lot
2. Frontenac Lot
3. Drury Lot
4. Angrove Lot
5. Springer Memorial
6. Robert Bruce Memorial Lot


Ontario/Brock Lot

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Curbside Pickup

Need to get something quickly or pick up take-out? Look for our designated Pick up and Drop off locations. Free parking for 10 minutes, designed to make it easier to make a quick stop.

Click here for parking lot & Curbside Location Map

Winter Activities in Downtown Kingston

There is so much to see and do in Downtown Kingston this winter. Dress for the weather and plan to spend some quality time in one of Ontario's most vibrant cities - Canadiana-Style!

Click here for more information on C'est l'hiver - winter activities in Downtown Kingston.


2 hours FREE Parking and Curbside Pickup locations
are brought to you by the City of Kingston.