Downtown Kingston! | Doug Ritchie Wins Lifetime Achievement Award!

Doug Ritchie Wins Lifetime Achievement Award!

Doug Ritchie

Please join us in congratulating Doug Ritchie for being honoured with the Alex Ling Lifetime Achievement Award with the Ontario Business Improvement Area Association! This award recognizes individuals who selflessly contribute to strengthening and promoting BIA’s.

Doug became the Managing Director of the Downtown Kingston! BIA in 1983.  At this time, the downtown was a virtual ghost town – high vacancy rates, sidewalks and roads in poor condition, a reputation for rowdiness and bad behavior at various establishments, and historic buildings in a state of disrepair.  Doug saw past all of the negatives, however, and with the help of many Downtown Kingston! BIA Boards over the years, worked to turn things around.

Over the past 35 years Doug has been instrumental in creating, leading, and putting into action various projects and initiatives that have enabled the City of Kingston to claim as their own, one of the most vibrant mid-sized downtowns in North America.

Congratulations Doug!