Downtown Kingston! | People of the Big Dig: Alex from Blueprint

People of the Big Dig: Alex from Blueprint

Blueprint might possibly be Kingston’s hippest store around! Not only do they carry amazing clothing lines for both men & women they also have amazing accessories like Nixon watches, Hershel bags, S’well water bottles and the latest addition to the growing list, Tofino towels!  Meet Alex, one of the many amazing employees at Blueprint! When she’s on the floor you’re guaranteed to have an amazing experience!

What is your favourite thing about downtown Kingston?

My favourite thing about downtown Kingston is the local and indie shop atmosphere. Kingston is a destination city because of the love and care that every owner puts into their business. Whether you’re  a customer, tourist or employee you can really feel the warm welcome that entices so many people to come downtown. Part of what made me want to live in Kingston full time and not return to Niagara was the downtown. 

What is your favourite product/service that you offer?

My favourite product we sell is the Nixon Mini Blaster.  The sound quality is unreal and it's perfect for outdoors, indoors, jamming out while in the shower. Its silicon sealed and uses Bluetooth! Amazing! 


What’s your background?

 I am a fourth year student at Queens University graduating in Archaeology. I have been working at Blueprint for four years now and can honestly say that if it wasn't for Rob, Cyndy, and Kayla, I wouldn't have received my degree. They are amazing and bring life to not only Blueprint and Agent 99 but all of downtown. They go above and beyond and make my time at the store something I enjoy every day.  It’s a de-stresser from my life of academia. Whether they know it or not they helped put me through school by allowing me to work for them.  When I'm not at work you can usually find me posting on our Instagram (@blueprintktown), on campus, running, or sitting on a patio with friends.

What is your preferred method of travel?

 Always an automobile 


What do you wish you learned in high school?

Something I think they should teach in high school is taxes and how to finance as an adult.