Downtown Kingston! | People of the Big Dig: Brian from Amadeus

People of the Big Dig: Brian from Amadeus

Jokes about German sausage are the wurst, just ask Brian from Amadeus, he’s heard them all! If you’re from Kingston, chances are you know about Amadeus and its famous biergarten in the back!

We asked Brian to answer a few questions about his business and himself as part of our “People of the Big Dig” series! Here’s a glimpse at a man behind the beer, schnitzel & good times! 


What is your background?

I grew up in the Niagara region but visited Kingston regularly on family vacations as a child. My parents loved the area so much they moved here in the late 80s. The restaurant business has been in my family’s blood for decades (you will notice a painting hanging in the restaurant where my father got his first taste of the business in Austria). When my parents came up with the idea of going in together and offering Kingston our family’s German and Austrian recipes, I jumped at the idea. The Amadeus Café opened August 1,1992. There have been a lot of changes to Amadeus over the years as it went from a tiny 40 seat restaurant to opening the rear patio (biergarten) in 1994 to opening our backroom (Stube) in 1996. My parents retired around 2002 and both passed in 2009.

One of my passions of course is carrying on my family’s recipes.  The German and Austrian culture is diminishing rapidly in North America.  Like my family and so many others that came to Canada after the war from Europe, they are aging so a lot of the "Clubs" and traditions are fading as second and third generation don't carry these on.   We always love hearing “Just like Oma used to make" - well of course it is, they are after all, Oma's recipes.  We hope to continue to offer Kingstonians and guests to the city authentic Wiener Schnitzel for years to come!  The growing multicultural aspect of Kingston is one more thing that makes it such a great city to live in! 


What do you love about downtown Kingston?

Kingston has an absolutely brilliant downtown. It is made of so many wonderful and inspiring people who make this city great! Downtown is the perfect size to get out and walk about and take in all the amazing shops and restaurants and pubs.  The history, the setting and the planned events throughout the year are just a bonus - we are so lucky to live here!


What is your favourite product you offer?

Favourite product we offer -    Wiener Schnitzel and summer days in the biergarten!  Many have said that our patio is the best kept secret downtown.   Our hidden patio with lots of ivy and flowers will make feel you that you are sitting somewhere in Europe.  Patio season downtown is a special time of year.


Red or white wine?

Red definitely over white, of course unless there is a good German bier around :) 

Tea or coffee?

I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee but I prefer a good hot cup of tea.

Star Wars or Trek?

I prefer Star Wars over Star Trek - I just never got the Trekkie thing, sorry!


Prost to Brian and the staff at Amadeus! Save us a seat on the patio!