Downtown Kingston! | People of the Big Dig: David from lululemon

People of the Big Dig: David from lululemon

Our next feature needs little (no) introduction. If you have an athletic bone or even a lazy bone you’ve heard of lululemon! Their upbeat staff, amazing gear and free (super fun) community classes make it one of downtown’s hot spots! Meet David this week’s People of the Big Dig feature! Straight from the US of A David can be found on the floor at lulu to sharing his lulu spirit and freedom with everyone downtown! 

What is your favourite thing about downtown Kingston?

I love the feel that downtown Kingston has year round.  There are always people on the street, great restaurants to visit and great shopping.   

What’s your favourite product/service that you offer?

Our unique great guest experience is second to none. We value everyone who walks through our front doors and believe that translates through our friendly and knowledgeable staff. 

What is your background? 

I am from NY and received my B.S. in Engineering from the University of Rhode Island where I was a swimmer.  I met my wife in Newport, RI.  She was from Kingston and we decided to move here (a somewhat long process).  She has an optometry practice in the East End (Clearview Optometry).  When I am not with our two kids (Noah and Avely) you can find me cycling in the summer, Apex, Studio 330 or Queen Street Crossfit in the winter months.  


Most used emoji?

  ;) -- it just sums it all up with a wink and a smile


Sweet or salty?

salty!  After sweating it all out, there's nothing like some chips and a beer to put that cherry on top of a great ride or a nice sweat session!