Downtown Kingston! | People of the Big Dig: James from Trailhead

People of the Big Dig: James from Trailhead

Meet James from Trailhead! He’s been in the business of equipping outdoor lovers and adventurers with everything they need since 2002! Be sure to stop by and check out his beautiful store!  


What is your favourite thing about downtown Kingston?

Downtown is great; overall I love the vibrancy and ability to get everything I need within a very short walking distance. I specifically enjoy the Wok- In and The Duke!


What’s your favourite product/service that you offer?

We offer so many great products and services for all levels of adventurers. If I had to choose, currently   our stand-up paddle boarding lessons are my favourite!


What is your background?

I grew up in Cornwall and spent much of my summer as a kid playing on the St Lawrence and local rivers. When it was time for post secondary I majored in Engineering Technology.  After that I entered into the world of retail. I have been in outdoor human powered sport retail for 28 years. 

I can spend a full day on my property cleaning brush, having a fire and generally doing very little and be completely satisfied. If I need an energy boosting activity I enjoy paddling in rough weather. I can also be found bird watching in my spare time. My bird count so far this year is 30. 


Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star trek is technically perfect….Star Wars is for kids!


Coffee or tea?

Coffee………what’s tea?


Kobo or paper book?

I need the tactile feel of paper whether that’s the daily news or novel.


What are you waiting for? Go visit James and start your adventure!