Downtown Kingston! | People of the Big Dig: John from Fuel

People of the Big Dig: John from Fuel

Being Healthy has never tasted so good! If you are craving a smoothie, fresh pressed juice or looking for the perfect protein powder, Fuel is your one stop health shop!

Meet John, today’s People of the Big Dig feature!  Read up on a few of his favourite things and be sure to grab a delicious Pina Colada smoothie next time you are downtown!   


Favourite thing about downtown Kingston?

The energy and diversity of the people downtown. You have the locals who have been here their entire lives, the students who are here for a few years, and the people who choose to move here and make Kingston their home.


What’s your favourite product/service that you offer?

 We offer a variety of nutritional supplements, fresh pressed juices, and real fruit smoothies but I'd have to say our smoothies are my favourite. We love to see how they put a smile on the faces of our customers when they take their first sip.


What is your background?

My father was in the military so I've lived all over the country. We were posted to Kingston when I was young. I later returned to Kingston to study marketing at St. Lawrence College. It was here that I got into bodybuilding competitively and the desire to live a healthy, well-balanced life. I made Ottawa my home for many years working in the high tech and wine industries and moved back to Kingston in 2014. 

After my girlfriend and I took a chilly walk through downtown Kingston one day, we were looking at the restaurants and stores and thought that having somewhere to get a healthy snack would be a great addition to the downtown area. With Kingston being such an active community, and having so many gym-goers, a healthy smoothie / juice bar / supplement shop felt like the right fit for downtown. 


Favourite activity to do in winter?

My friends would probably say, "going to the gym” which is true, but I also love ice fishing.