Downtown Kingston! | People of the Big Dig: Mallory from Stone City Ales

People of the Big Dig: Mallory from Stone City Ales

Good beer and good vibes are what’s on tap at Stone City Ales! Meet Mallory, a passionate beer loving import who has been a large part of the success of Downtown Kingston’s hippest brewery!

We asked Mallory to answer a few questions about the journey that brought her from the East Coast to our door step! Read up on what makes her passions brew in this installment of People of the Big Dig!  


1.    Favourite thing about downtown Kingston?

Our proximity to the waterfront and the beautiful light we enjoy every sunrise and sunset. I also love being able to walk absolutely everywhere -this town is brimming with possibility.


2.    What’s your favourite product/service that you offer?

Our [Stone City Ales] obsessive passion with quality and change.

You can see this in a few different ways at Stone City Ales. I truly appreciate our biweekly (sometimes weekly) ‘special releases’ and rotating food items. Our ’Special Releases’ are one-off batches of beer that are a limited offering and typically available for 2 weeks - recently YGK impressed us by going through our award-winning Green Goddess in only a week!

I adore that a lot of our food offerings are constantly changing with the seasons. You can hang out on the regular and always get to try something new- from our charcuterie board picks to our newest taco. We work with local ingredients and make as much as we can in-house. Approachable, quality food is a beautiful thing!

Our other drink offerings don’t suck. We keep a wine list of interesting local and international offerings and tasty ciders that rotate so there is always something fantastic. 

When you like a place, you tend to go back. We want to keep our amazing patrons and our staff engaged in delicious, locally crafted, locally grown quality and creativity — and I think that’s lovely.


3.    What is your background:  work life- home life (where did you grow up, why did you choose Kingston, hobbies when not at working,(what do you do for fun, etc)

Geographically | 

I started off as a Maritimer in Nova Scotia and then Prince Edward Island, later I moved to Ontario where I’ve gone from the GTA to Ottawa and now Kingston. 

Work life |

After university, I was contacted by a digital creative agency in Ottawa where I was able to embrace project management, marketing, business development and most importantly, strategy. The industry gave me the opportunity to meet and work closely with brilliantly creative characters on both the coworker and client side of things. Ultimately that made me a good fit at Stone City Ales where my partner is employed as head brewer.

Fun |

Whenever possible, travel! From day trips to the County to months in Europe, I adore it all. New experiences, especially in the form of sharing fantastic meals and tasting new things sound like the best of times to me. More locally, I’ve been really digging hot yoga at Moksha and painting.


What was the last piece of music you listened to?

The entirety of BB King Live at Cook County Jail on vinyl at Stone City Ales, which I love.


Where did you go on your last vacation?

Earlier this season I went out west snowboarding. It was my first time out there and we drove from Calgary to Revelstoke in the interior of BC - the mountains are a truly incredible experience.


Best breakfast / brunch joint in downtown Kingston?

Breakfast is definitely my favourite meal and there are so many ways to go about enjoying it. There are a few fabulous brunch options downtown, but I am a total sucker for Peter’s Place.


Let's all raise our glass to Mallory and the crew at Stone City Ales for keeping Princess Street HOPping!