Downtown Kingston! | People of the Big Dig: Miranda, Talia & Max from Alchemy House

People of the Big Dig: Miranda, Talia & Max from Alchemy House

Meet Miranda, Talia & the shop dog, Max!

This amazing store not only has the friendliest (and furriest) staff, it also has amazing one of a kind jewellery that makes the best gift for someone special... or for you because you are special!

Enjoy getting to know the trio and what brought them downtown! 


What is your favourite thing about downtown Kingston?

Miranda: The downtown Kingston business community is a great thing to be a part of.  It really allows you to connect with other owners and employees because you share a unique set of challenges and experiences, and bringing more people downtown is something to feel united over because it ultimately benefits everyone.

Talia: I enjoy the eclectic nature of downtown. It brings a sense of community and belonging. I also love the events hosted downtown.  They create a wonderful sense of exploration and encourage people to seek out new locations and experiences.


What’s your favourite product/service that you offer?

Miranda: Our Wedding Band Workshop is a unique hands-on experience for couples. Rings are already symbolic of a union, but they mean that much more when you make the effort of crafting them for one another. Our students are often surprised at how capable they can become at working with hand tools, and it also builds a new appreciation for what we do as jewelers.

Talia: I love being able to create pieces that speak to the wearer. Be it through the custom process or just helping people pick out that special item, knowing that they're leaving with something that they will be able to treasure for years is something I find very fulfilling.


What is your background? 

Miranda: I was born and raised in Kingston, but I did choose to start my business here after living in both Toronto and Edmonton. Talia has lived all over Canada and in the UK, but ended up in Kingston, as her husband found a teaching job at a local high school. We were introduced via Erin Ball, who is a circus aerials teacher here in town. We were both taking different classes of hers, and she thought we should meet, because how often do you find two people who have both goldsmithing and trapeze swinging in common?


What is your spirit animal?

Talia: A Naked Mole Rat.

Miranda: Grumpy Cat.