Downtown Kingston! | People of the Big Dig: Shannon from Bombshell

People of the Big Dig: Shannon from Bombshell

Meet Shannon! Today’s People of the Big Dig feature! If you’ve been into Bombshell you know that Shannon’s personality lives up to the name!  


We asked Shannon to answer a few questions about her business and what she enjoys most about downtown life!

Favourite thing about downtown Kingston?

I think Kingston’s downtown area is a little gem, with history around every corner and a beautiful accessible waterfront. Independent shops and restaurants nestled amidst large chain stores make it a great place to stroll and shop. Its great diversity in inhabitants is also enhanced by Queens, RMC, and St Lawrence students. 

What is your favourite product that you offer?

When it comes to listing a favourite product of Bombshell it is difficult to say. When opened in 2012, the shop was almost exclusively into providing a T-shirt customizing service. From that starting point, however, Bombshell has grown into a store that offers a wide and eclectic collection of ready-made products. Custom T-shirts will always be the bread and butter of Bombshell, but it is really fun to buy and sell ready-mades and I will be further expanding my ready-made product lines once the Big Dig is finally over. The nice thing about being a local independent shop owner is that you have the opportunity to listen to your customers and are able to tailor wholesaler purchases to their desires.

What is your background?

I chose to open my shop in Kingston because it has been my home base for 30 years. A child of the military, I moved with my family often, but always seemed to return. After high school, I studied for and received my Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax. I then spent a year teaching English as a second language in Ulsan, Korea. On return to Canada, I worked as general manager of a T-shirt company in Vancouver, which is where the idea of owning my own shop started. 

Do you like stinky cheese, and red wine or white wine?

Red wine and Stilton, yes please! Or better yet, Stilton and port and good conversation are among my favourite things. I have heard that Kingston Brew Pub has a Stilton and Port night annually and this year I hope to attend … sounds like heaven to me!

If you’re ever in need of a really cool t-shirt, fun accessories and awesome conversation be sure to stop by 253 Princess Street!