Downtown Kingston! | People of the Big Dig - Tina from Midori Gifts

People of the Big Dig - Tina from Midori Gifts

What is your favourite thing about downtown Kingston?

Having lived in the downtown vicinity for almost eight years, Kingston has become a very special place full of many great memories and milestones for me.  I can recall the first time I walked down these streets [downtown] and the excitement of discovering all the cute shops and restaurants.  I have built many great relationships downtown both as a student and now as a business owner.  I love how the atmosphere and feel of the city changes by the hour.  From the bright crisp morning at the farmer’s market to dewy summer nights where long conversation with friends last for hours! I’m finding it a little more difficult to get out with a nine-month-old at home but I look forward to the summer events starting soon! 

What’s your favourite product you offer?

Midori Gifts offers unique products that are unlikely to be found anywhere else in the city – or even several cities away! We carry many special items from one-of-a-kind kind stationary to super-sized water bottles to soft and huggable plushies!

My first love will always be for the stationary.  We carry hundreds of different styles for all types of occasions.  It is what inspired me to open Midori in Kingston! My heart always beats a little faster when new inventory arrives.  There is nothing like the crisp blank paper of a fresh notebook just waiting for you to put your mark on it.  To complement our notebooks, our professional and personalized pens write smoothly and with precision! Perhaps you’d like to go old school? Try our fountain pens paired with our J. Herbin Inks for a classy finish! 

I’d like to think that we can bring a smile to everyone who visits our store with all our happy products!

What is your background?

I grew up in Markham in the GTA, where I specialized in visual arts in high school.  I came to Kingston to do a Bachelors of Arts degree at Queen’s University in 2005.  This city must have a hold on me because I never left!

It’s here that I met my husband, Ming.  We both attended a program at Bethel Church.  Two years later we got married at the Fort Henry Discovery Centre.  Four months after returning from a vacation to Cuba, we found out we were expecting – Audrey was born last June!

Currently I live with my husband, our nine month old daughter, Audrey, and our two cats; Sushi and Toki Doki. As our family expanded we moved to the west-end of Kingston.  We are constantly working hard to persuade our neighbours to come and enjoy downtown!  When not at work we watch a lot of Netfilx and take Audrey to visit nearby towns and cities.  We expect we will be in Kingston for a long time as we expand our family and grow our business!  

How deep is that Big Dig Hole?

If zombies existed and I needed a good place to trap them I’d lure them to the hole! I bet they’d have a hard time climbing out! Should they actually start to make their way up the fence should keep us safe! 


What is your dream car?

Recently my husband and I have been salivating over the new Tesla.  It would be such an amazing car to have, not to mention environmentally friendly! I hear they are making the cars self-driving which would be amazing because then you can take naps while traveling long distances!