Downtown Kingston! | People of the Big Dig: Wade from the Works

People of the Big Dig: Wade from the Works

The name says it all. You can literally get “the works” on your burger. Peanut butter, KD, pineapple... anything! They also have some pretty amazing floats and shakes to top it off! Stop by and say hey to Wade and the crew!

What is your favourite thing about downtown Kingston?

My favorite thing about downtown Kingston has to be the history. There are so many beautiful old buildings -City Hall building is a great example! I love history and Kingston has a lot of it.


What's your favourite product or service that you offer?

As far my favourite product goes it is hard to pin down. Our unique (one-o-a-kind) burgers are great and guests pleasers for sure. We have a new Netflix's and chilli poutine that is also great. My favourite app has to be our Wrecking Balls they are one of the best creations I have ever eaten! 

We also play the best music of any restaurant, period. It goes well with our relaxed industrial atmosphere. We have big garage doors that we open up in the warm weather that gives you an outside feel even when you are inside -plus we have a nice size patio to relax on in the summer.


What is your  background?

I was born and raised in Kingston. I moved around in my early adult years I lived in Toronto, Vancouver and Los Angeles. I loved the big cities but when it came time to settle down and have kids Kingston was the only city I wanted to do that in. I am married and have two girls Maron (11) and Willow (9) -they keep my wife and I very busy. I enjoy golfing with my girls... and without them. I also hunt when time allows for it.


Favorite band to come out of Kingston?

The Headstones. I love their music. I always turn up the volume when they come on the radio!


Favourite Nextflix's show?

 House of Cards. It is great. Frank Underwood is a real bastard and you have to love him for it. Can't wait to see what he does next.