Downtown Kingston! | 2020 Curling Chews

2020 Curling Chews

Feb Fest 2020 Curling Chews! - February 29th - March 8th

We’re excited to announce that due to the great success of the Toast to Tapas program from the past two years, we will be adding an extra week during the 2020 Tim Hortons Brier called "Curling Chews"!

For the restaurants:

  • Each restaurant will commit to one week of Curling Chews (February 29th - March 8th)
  • Food item is left up to you, think fancy poutine perhaps! Come up with something local and original to entice curling fans and we’ll promote it like crazy!
  • Pricing will be left up to you to match the value of the Curling Chew
  • Participation is free – all you have to do is sign up!

For Feb Fest:

  • Feb Fest will advertise through all media – traditional and social
  • Feb Fest will develop a ‘passport’ to be stamped at each restaurant
  • Feb Fest will put together a contesting element to encourage the public to enjoy

**all restaurants are welcome to participate in “Curling Chews”

Sign up deadline: Friday, February 7th